Please help me to achieve my dream

Hi, I am Wisnu Wardhana, a digital marketer who loves analyzing and mingling in data.

My dream has always been to have my own renowned creative digital agency & consultant, but I’m still far from it. I need more experience (and money) to achieve my dream.

Will YOU help me to achieve my dream?

Looking for a new adventure

I am part of ACE digital agency as a digital marketer who currently handling 3 clients in the real estate industry and responsible for their social media management and digital campaign.

But I’m looking for a new full-time “adventure” or another side project to gain more experience and expertise in digital marketing,

Work is like playing a
competitive game

Most competitive games demand good skills, perfect strategy, excellent communication & teamwork, thorough analysis, fast problem-solving, and evaluation. Sounds familiar, right?

This has been my secret while working as a part of a team in my professional work. My latest achievement was winning the RevoU Section G group project competition as I led my group as a project manager by doing this.

Interest to add me to your incredible team?
See job roles & Skilll set that I can do for YOU.

We are open for side projects too!

We (ACE digital) are currently open for a web design & development project, social media management, brand strategy, and digital marketing.

Group 6

Web Design & Development

Group 6

Brand Strategy

Group 6

Digital Marketing

I do freelance too!

Group 6

Currently open to freelance job services as an architect for your digital home, fisher with words, and general internet war strategies.



Group 6


Digital Marketing

Group 6

Hire me, please?

Someday, I will build my own castle of creative digital consultant & agency. But for now, please hire me. So I can start to buy a brick.

Don't be sorry

It’s okay if your company doesn’t have any open positions or projects right now. But YOU can still help me!
Share and recommending my resume or site to your
“HR group” (I know you have one)
will help me a lot.